KME Accessories

Self-Aligning Sharpener [KMEBH100]

Price: $74.75


For Broadhead and Replacement Blades. 4" overall. Extruded and machined aluminum frame and jaws. Features a rotational clamp and two pairs of quick change jaws. Automatically rotates to perfectly align the edge of the blade with the surface of the sharpening stone every time. Hardened steel roller and bolt. Will sharpen conventional two blade broadheads, all bleeder blades and virtually all replacement blades; even mechanical blades. Works with any benchstone: arkansas stone, diamond stone, india stone and water stone. Also includes a 14 ga. stainless steel wrench. Not for conventional three or four blade broadheads.

Made in the USA.

KME Arkansas Ceramic Sharpening Stones [KMEKF414]

Price: $44.75


Set of four.

Measures 4" x 1" x 1/4".

Includes one each of the following: extra coarse, coarse, medium and fine.


Made in the USA.

KME Knife Sharpening System Base [KMEKFB]

Price: $27.75 - OUT OF STOCK


Measures 6" x 6" x 3 /4".

Wooden base with silicone feet for a non-slip grip for the Knife Sharpening System (KMEKFD).

Made in the USA.

KME Sharpeners Convexing Rod Sharpener [KMEKFCVX]

Price: $27.75


Screws into any KME stone carrier. Formed in a smooth uniform curve which results in approximately 5 degrees of angle change from the beginning of each stroke to the end. Includes an adjustable stop to prevent the possibility of scratching your blades, and a knurled thumb nut for locking the rod in place in perfect position.

Made in the USA.

KME Tapered Diamond Rod for Serrated Blades [KMEKFDNF]

Price: $24.75


4 7/8" overall.

Fine grit needle file.

Screws onto the guide rods included in the KME Knife Sharpening System (KMEKFD).

Sharpens serrated blades and broadheads.

Made in the USA.